We ensure to provide you with a trusted server management service which will enable you to focus on your business growth and better performance. Your servers will always be online, up to date, secure, and running at optimal speed.

We recognize and understand that uptime, security, and reliability are most important to any company. We aim to resolve all the complex issues that may arise on the server with the utmost urgency to reduce downtime to a minimal. While making sure the company has the latest trends in technology we ought to make the server dependable, secure, accessible 24/7 and fast. We offer comprehensive and regular management, monitoring and maintaining service of the servers to improve their performance to the ultimate. We carry out various other services like monthly audits to ensure you have the most uptime.

Our Server management service provides you with a strong IT infrastructure which is very crucial for the productivity of the business and customer satisfaction. It leaves you with the peace of mind and valuable time to concentrate on developing your business and focusing on what you do best.

The steps involved in monitoring Server performance:

  • Downtime notifications
  • Uptime notifications
  • Security Status
  • Storage allocations
  • Server backup and restoration process
  • Server migration measures
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Integrating periodic security audits
  • Carrying out the necessary security and software updates


Workstation management is one of the vital component in making a business work effectively. Our competent systems administrators detects the issues faced by the company on day to day basis including viruses, spyware, loss of productivity, and resolves them with minimal down time. We recognize the importance of maintaining, monitoring, and protecting each of your workstations and make sure we update all the hardware and application to keep them secure and running smoothly When your employees are more productive and more secure, your company benefits.

 Our workstation management services offer numerous benefits:

  • Drivers Updates
  • Firmware Updates
  • Defragmentation and Drive optimization
  • Memory Optimization
  • Network Speed Optimizer
  • Operating System Updates
  • Processors Maintenance
  • Software Inventory
  • System Information

Cyber-crime is a real threat to any business competing in the digital space. Many organizations are struggling to ensure that all of their systems are safe and secure.

On-site networks are becoming more complex as more devices are introduced and more applications are implemented. Therefore, administrators are struggling to manage all the aspects of a network. One idea that will help them better manage the security on their network is to use managed antivirus solution.

A managed antivirus solution is implemented by a professional technology partner, unlike subscription-based antivirus software which gives the end-user the ability to deny updates, turn off the scanner, or uninstall it. This type of antivirus software is often referred to as unmanaged.

To protect our clients we use a Managed Antivirus Solution “Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security” which integrates into network monitoring and management system. This enables us to centralize and automate the deployment and updating of the Antivirus software and ensure that client devices are up-to-date, and scans are scheduled for a convenient time. Our tech experts take care of installing the software remotely on computers and other devices and then manage the solution at the server level.

Midas Tech offers a wide amount of services and tools to help keep your business safe and running well:
– Penetration Testing
– Security Assessment
– Dark Web Monitoring
– Next generation Malware and Ransomware Protection
– Security Consulting
– Managed Security Detection and Monitoring

It engineer or consultant work with server in data rack. Shot in large datacenter.

What Is Disaster Recovery?
Disaster recovery is the process of failing over your primary environment to an alternate environment that can sustain your business continuity. Disaster recovery requires a separate production environment where the data can live.
What Is Backup?
Backups are typically performed daily to ensure necessary data is transferred to a Safe location. This can be sent to a tape drive, a secondary computer, or a cloud hosted backup solution.

Our Solution:
We recommend using a backup and system-restore program developed by Storage Craft ™. Shadow Protect™ creates a high-value, high performance backup and disaster recovery solution in addition to reliably backing up everything from systems to data, it enables fast recovery from disaster as well as hassle free system migration. Should your business experience an outage, or a hardware failure you can boot a virtualized machine from Recovery Center until the primary hardware is replaced and data is restored.
Shadow Protect software is one Solution, which provides you with all the tools you need to recover your IT systems anytime, anywhere, from any disaster.

Key Features:
– Backup your entire System drive, including OS, applications, services, configurations, settings, and data
– Save backups to any Portable device or Network Drives.
– Verify backup images to ensure their integrity
– Schedule full or incremental backups to occur automatically as often as every 15 minutes if needed
– Restore Specific files and folders in minutes
– Restore a system to different hardware or to virtual environments
– Quickly boot a backup image as a virtual machine
– Transfer or Copy backup image from and to physical and virtual environments


– Microsoft Office 365
– Microsoft Dynamics 365
– Microsoft Intune
– Microsoft Azure
– IDrive Backup
– StorageCraft Cloud Services
– VMware Cloud
– Trend Micro Cloud Security

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