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Whether it is your home or business, you deserve to feel safe. The current rise in crime rate has brought to attention the rapid need for security and video surveillance.
Our team is led by highly experienced and qualified security system professionals. We aim to provide you with a wide range of weather-proof CCTV surveillance system specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor security.
With various video surveillance systems in the market, many people find it difficult to find the solution that will protect them best. Our experienced project consultants can evaluate all your surveillance needs and facilities to design a bespoke video surveillance system customized for your individual requirements.
Midas Tech has earned the confidence of our valued customers by providing outstanding customer service, and exceptional maintenance support to every customer and we take great pride in integrating our skills and knowledge to find the most efficient and sure solution for your environment.

At Midas Tech

We will do a complimentary free of charge survey of your Site and Suggest the best type of Security System needed.

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7 key elements

Every successful project needs to start with answering a few questions which includes questions about the target group, its specifics and how to reach it.

Too many designers focus just on the homepage. Yes we do agree that the homepage is important, but most customers will enter a store through search engines directly to some of the product web pages. That’s why our focus is also strongly oriented to product description pages, call-to-action buttons and easy navigation through the site.

Content is king. In the e-Commerce business, this is truer than anywhere else. However, you can only exploit the full potential of your website’s content if it’s properly Search Engine Optimized. At MidasTech, we excel in online business boosting tools, so why not leave the SEO magic to us!

Here is an example to help you understand:
Give your customers the opportunity to share their purchases with friends on social networks and watch the number of sales and new customers grow.
The worst thing is when a customer searches for something you actually sell but can’t find it. No worries, this will never happen at MidasTech, since we’ve put a lot of attention to the search engine functionality.
The number of goods sold through mobile devices is growing rapidly every year. We completely understand that and design your online store to be mobile friendly across all devices.
Online business doesn’t have to be difficult if you put it in the hands of professionals. And obviously by that I mean our hands. So take the first step to creating your new online store and get in touch with us today!

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Workstation management is one of the vital component in making a business work effectively. Our competent systems administrators detects the issues faced by the company on day to day basis including viruses, spyware, loss of productivity, and resolves them with minimal down time. We recognize the importance of maintaining, monitoring, and protecting each of your workstations and make sure we update all the hardware and application to keep them secure and running smoothly When your employees are more productive and more secure, your company benefits.